Justin Taesong Kim
Digital & Physical Creative

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Equinox Designer Resume

The Challenge

Not enough talented fitness professionals have video content that properly communicates the quality of their services. Since agencies are used to working with corporate clients who care about makeup, hired actors and writers, and carts of massive equipment, high-production video content can cost several thousands. 

At the same time, your cousin with the DSLR camera might be able to blur his backgrounds but knows nothing about lighting, typography, and music, the components that can make or break one's entire brand image.

The Proposal

My background as a musician, photographer, and designer allows me to generate high-quality content without all the extra help. I come to the places you choose with the equipment I can carry and I capture your life as authentically and un-intrusively as possible. Then I pour all my resources into movement capture, composition, music selection, editing, and typographic design to produce professional-level content (trimmed of the fat).

As a long-time fan and member of Equinox, I'm currently opening videography projects for Equinox clients (and clients referred by Equinox clients) at 25% off my usual rate.