A little bit about me

I've been in the tech and design world for over four years now, with most of my work ranging from graphic design for tech startups to branding and physical design for conferences. My favorite kind of work is when I get my camera involved, especially when it comes to video, where all my background experience (music, design, presentation) converges into one discipline.

My main working purpose in life is to expedite peoples' emotional intelligence, inspire health and fitness, and contribute to mental health improvement, all through business and creative projects. 


Products People Usually Pay Me For


I'm currently taking new photo and video projects, so please don't hesitate to hit me up if you're looking for:

  • Product photos for your new makeup line
  • Hi-res photos of your new puppy, 'cause lets be real- no one doesn't wanna see Oreo in hi-res
  • Mission video for your trillion-dollar Kickstarter idea
  • Tinder photos (we all need 'em)
  • Instagram ad content for your new campaign
  • Marketing videos for your new sushi restaurant
  • Down to talk about anything else! Email me at