Shoot, Edit, Eat Harvest Bowls.


Passion Projects


"unknown to me"

My Role:
Film, Lighting, Editing, Coloring


Choreography: Marie Lloyd Paspe
Performed by: Elise Pacicco & Eric Parra


Travel Collage #1: Tokyo

I experimented with videography heavily in 2017 as I traveled Southeast Asia, visiting countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

In retrospect, it wasn't the most comfortable idea to carry that much video equipment with me on a 6-month journey. On the other hand, all the deadlifts and squats I was doing at the gym finally paid off.

This was the first one I made, soundtracked by a recording of some improvised piano I'd played at home a few weeks before I left.



Travel Collage #2: Tokyo and Beyond

My process with video editing is primarily music-driven. I was inspired to put this one together after I stumbled upon a singer at an open mic in a hipster-laden neighborhood somewhere in Tokyo by the name of Keiko Hiraoka. Super cool sounds.

Audio balance has never been my strong-suit though, so while the music is audible through phone speakers, I'd definitely plug in some headphones if you want the experience I intended :)



Travel Collage #3: Family

This one came together after I spent some time with my cousins in Korea. It was the first of these videos I licensed music for, so I got to play around with drama and explored how the tension could be pulled into moments of comedy.

Mission Videos

In my experience, video is an intensely powerful medium for creating a sense of brand.
The following are videos I produced for companies whose missions I believe in.



Buoy Health

Buoy is an A.I. interface that understands your symptoms and guides you to the right care.

I joined Buoy as a software engineer, but my roles included design, interviews, interactive mockups, branding, and videography. 

While our relationship didn't last, our breakup was a friendly one, and I left two years later as a creative producer.




Invibed is wealth management for normal people. I like to think of them as personal trainers for my wallet.

I fell in love with this team during my time at StartEd, an edtech accelerator where Invibed was enrolled as one of the acceleratees

The three girls involved are killing it with their vision, and each of them live and breathe financial wisdom. If you've been on the prowl for a way to achieve your financial bikini body, I highly recommend checking them out.



Claudia Ramirez

Claudia is a personal trainer and all-around bad-ass at Equinox and E here in NYC.

We met in the summer of 2018 when she was teaching a personal training course I attended at Equinox. Her passion and focus on emotional health through fitness led me to working with her on a narrative video to spotlight a little more of her story and why she does what she does.