Justin Taesong Kim
Digital & Physical Creative

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Hey Equinox Team,

I’m Justin. I’m a creative media-maker with 6 years of branding and graphic design experience working with tech startups to create everything from their photography, to mission and marketing videos, to their entire brand design and promotional websites. As someone who likes to get his hands dirty and hoard hard skills, all of my projects have been produced from beginning to end by myself with no outsourcing. This gave me ground-level competency with pre- and post-production skills of media creation (Adobe Creative Suite), as well as front-end programming (CSS) for fine-tuning styling on websites and email campaigns (examples below).

As most of my work has been freelance among startups, my soft skills are mostly stronger in time management and figuring out what questions need to be asked to move projects forward— I’m my own leader. To be totally forthcoming, I imagine I’m quite ignorant in industry best-practices in things like licensing or file organization that helps me work with a team.

I’m currently looking for ways to blend my creative work with my passion for fitness, where I’ve developed a deep relationship with how it’s contributed to my mental health, overall well-being, and to my understanding of my own character and personal life principles.

I’d love to get on a call or meet with you guys to talk about how I can get involved with your mission. I’ve been an enthusiastic EQX member for the last 2-3 years, and I love the culture you’ve created around commitment and productivity as a lifestyle. Feel free to email me at taesongkim@gmail.com or send me message at 8322287373.

Looking forward to hearing back,

Photography & Adobe Lightroom

Graphic & Marketing Design & Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Videography & Final Cut Pro